Who We Are

We are a fully integrated advertising, design, and interactive partner. Since our inception in 2000, we’ve made it our mission to prove that world-class creativity and unparalleled client service can happily coexist under the same roof. Our reputation is built on creativity, nimbleness, and likability. We treat clients like rock stars and work like dogs to grow their businesses.

We are built on people. Not just any people. But some of the smartest, hungriest, and most passionate people you are ever going to meet. We’re thinkers, wordsmiths, visual assassins, concierges, therapists, and renegades dedicated to delivering.

We’re the kind of people you want to work with. We outthink, outwork, and outmaneuver the competition. We’re chronic overachievers who put our reputation on the line every day and then deliver. We nurture our relationships and never lose focus of what’s right for our clients. We love what we do, and it shows.

  • Christopher Hanlon

    Christopher Hanlon

    Founder, Creative Director

    Christopher was born creative, with a clear vision of where he was headed in life. A graduate of the Visual Communications program at University of Delaware, he landed his first Art Director position at the age of 21, produced his first TV commercial at 22, won his first award at 23, worked with Michael Jordan at 25, was named Creative Director at 27, and started his own agency at 29. Along his incredible journey, Christopher has worked on it all, everything from international brands to local start-ups. His incredible passion for brand building has served as the backbone of Hanlon Creative since its inception. His vision and ability to connect with target audiences are skills honed through years of practice.

    Christopher continually raises the creative bar and believes his best work is yet to come.

    Christopher spends a majority of his time outside the office coaching youth soccer, at the beach, or searching for his golf swing. He has two adorable sons, Aidan and Luca, and an incredible wife, Grace.

  • Andrew Hanlon

    Andrew Hanlon

    Founder, President

    His title might be President, but around these parts Andrew Hanlon is known as “the Mayor”. He simply knows everyone. He’s magnetic. A lifetime salesman, Andrew’s continual networking has landed him six degrees from just about anyone.

    Andrew graduated from Shippensburg University with a degree in business management. His desire to sell was only overshadowed by his ability consistently grow companies. He teamed up with his brother in 2000, and Hanlon Creative was born. Andrew dedicated himself to business development, forming strong, healthy client relationships and creating fantastic results through smart, strategic solutions. Hanlon Creative’s client roster of AmerisourceBergen, SC Johnson, Sara Lee, Lutron, LCC, CHOP, USDA, and Virtua can be directly attributed to Andrew’s hard work and commitment to going above and beyond.

    Andrew presently sits on the board of directors for Iron Andy Foundation, coaches youth wrestling, and is an Ironman finisher. He has a wonderful wife, Tara; a beautiful daughter, Mackenzie; and fantastic son, Luke.

  • Toby Eberly

    Toby Eberly

    Vice President of Marketing

    Toby brings over 15 years of marketing, operations, and business development experience, working with small businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and federal government agencies. He’s not usually the loudest voice in the room. To the contrary, he is busy listening, contemplating the challenge, and thinking about solutions. He embraces the details and doesn’t shy away from heavy lifting. Toby’s a tactician, politely persistent, always reliable, and devoted to delivering results.

  • Adam Garman

    Adam Garman

    Vice President of Interactive

    What happens when you mix the right brain with the left brain? You end up with a multi-talented web developer who understands everything from PHP applications to InDesign files. Meet Adam. His unusual ability to dance from one project to another without missing a beat makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Adam is the rare developer with business sense, technology acumen, and a creative head for problem solving.

  • Michelle Thomas

    Michelle Thomas

    Senior Art Director

    Michelle is one of the nicest people you’re ever going to meet. Her positive, optimistic outlook can bring the toughest challenges into focus. Her ability to digest client input, generate smart solutions, and create inspiring designs makes Michelle a joy to work with.

  • Brian Loper

    Brian Loper

    Senior Art Director

    Brian doesn’t think outside the box, he lives there. He’s a mad designer with an incredible passion for creativity. Brian’s like a great chef; No matter what ingredients he has to work with, the finished product will always be magnificent.

  • Mike Lees

    Mike Lees

    Director of Operations and Print

    Mike’s a man on a mission, whipping our team into shape with procedures, processes, and structure. With a keen eye for details and an extensive background in printing, Mike has developed a reputation for meeting deadlines and developing cost-effective solutions. His talents don’t end there. Mike spends his free time creating up-cycled mixed media graffiti, playing ice hockey, and practicing Muay Thai kickboxing.

  • Gabriella “Gabi” Ataman

    Gabriella “Gabi” Ataman

    Account Executive

    Gabi’s meticulous attention to detail, bubbly personality, and well-crafted communication skills make her a customer service leader. She has an insatiable thirst for listening and evaluating clients’ needs and inconspicuously navigates to quickly meet demands and solve problems. Gabi’s charged with providing our high-volume print clients with account clarity, while continually raising the client relations bar.

  • Erin Pasukinis

    Erin Pasukinis

    Production Art Manager

    Erin is essential. There is no other way to put it. Through her career she has earned a reputation as a consistent performer with a meticulous attention to detail. Erin has been recognized for producing 100% error-free work and prides herself in being fast, organized, and a hard worker. Whether she’s preparing a project for print or laying out a campaign; we know we can count on Erin to have it done quicker and more efficiently than we would have previously thought possible.

  • Kyle Lockard

    Kyle Lockard

    Art Director

    Fresh out of Kutztown University, Kyle is a guy who wastes no time rushing headlong into any project he can get his hands on. He is a fearless designer that will do whatever it takes to make his vision a reality, even if that means learning a whole new skill set along the way. Kyle’s “can do” personality, diverse design skills, and rock solid concepting abilities all culminate to create a valued asset to our team.

  • Janet Hanlon

    Janet Hanlon


    Janet’s our den mother. Besides being the actual mother of the two founding partners, she’s the oil that keeps the agency running. Whether it’s billing, human resources, shipping, office management, or one of the other hundred things she brings to the table, Janet is always there when you need her.

  • Kim Folk

    Kim Folk

    Art Director

    A graduate from Kutztown University, Kim is our silent assassin. She brings a sense of pride and immense work ethic to every project she gets her hands on. Inspired by the world around her, she aims to create unique concepts that innovate, motivate and excite. Kim specializes in print and logo design, front-end web design and even HTML5/CSS3.

  • Eric McAnena

    Eric McAnena

    Web Developer

    Eric is a digital architect. A natural strategist with an analytic problem-solving mentality. Fresh out of Wilkes University, his passion for building and innovating led him to discover and ultimately thrive in the field of Computer Science. Eric has the uncanny ability to recognize and implement creative solutions with a keen focus on detail and efficiency. Eric is a full stack developer, ranging from back-end database implementation, to front-end development and everything in between.

  • Trish Romaniello

    Trish Romaniello

    Account Coordinator

    Trish is a bonafide multi-tasking machine with the ability to meet any challenge put in front of her. Trish manages a variety of projects and provides administrative assistance to our account team. Whether researching new business opportunities or providing end user support for custom applications, she clearly communicates with clients and team members, keeps us on schedule and always makes sure we’re within budget.

  • Holly Specht

    Holly Specht

    Digital Designer

    Holly is a hybrid between designer and developer. A recent graduate of the Communication Design program at Kutztown University, Holly is a big thinker with a humble heart. She loves designing for both print and web based applications. Always searching for the smartest solutions while continually learning to skill her craft. Holly's specialties include print and interactive design, branding, and front-end web development.

  • Kevin Harter

    Kevin Harter

    Digital Project Manager / Lead Developer

    Kevin is a mercenary in the cyber world, logging over 10 years in the digital trenches. His specialties in website development and the implementation of content management systems and customer relationship management tools serve him well as he tackles a variety of interactive projects. Kevin's fearless approach to business development and team management help him not only generate smart solutions, but position himself as a true leader in the digital field. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys reading, hiking, listening to heavy metal music, and taking long walks on the beach.

  • Daniel Reizes

    Daniel Reizes

    Account Director

    Daniel is a creative problem solver driven to seek out innovative solutions in order to exceed client expectations. Equal parts strategist, visionary, and artist, Daniel brings a unique perspective and 15 years of experience to our team. Daniel’s mantra is to find groundbreaking methods for producing fully integrated campaigns with highly measurable results. An expert in maintaining brand consistency and authenticity, Daniel has provided actionable insights for companies like Google, Cisco, Swiss Army, and Adidas. He also has extensive experience directing teams, both large and small, in the creation of global events programs, interactive multimedia installations, new technology, and social media and digital campaigns. When he’s not in the office, Daniel can be found skateboarding around the city, hiking a trail, or DJing a set at a local Philly hot spot. Daniel is passionate about travel and loves exploring the world in search of inspiration.

  • Tyler Steel

    Tyler Steel

    Production Artist

    Tyler is a design machine. He started his career as an industrial designer producing custom bats for some of the biggest names in Major League Baseball. His thirst for more drove Tyler to create everything from logos to websites and social promotions. Tyler's ability to constantly refine his craft while working fluidly between multiple groups within the agency has shaped him into a valuable team player. Tyler is a can-do guy, and his positive attitude and strong work ethic are contagious. Tyler is an avid triathlete and enjoys traveling and woodworking.

  • Pica


    Agency Mascot

    Stepping into the very large shoes of our original agency mascot Palmer, a red-eared slider who served proudly for 16 years, Pica has proven he has what it takes. His dedication to endurance, strength, stability, good fortune, and success have kept our agency growing and in good graces with the advertising spirits.

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