custom applications

Custom applications are an important way to enhance your brand experience with client- or employee-facing technology that makes interacting with your brand preferential. The quality of your custom application design affects the quality of the user experience, and that is ultimately what matters most.

We’ve created a variety of custom applications for B2B and B2C clients. Some of those applications have been fun, interactive quizzes that drive social media engagement. Others have been industry- and product-specific online configuration tools. We’ve built a variety of interactive online calculators, a learning management system, and a custom print management tool for sourcing consistently branded marketing and promotional materials.


Herr’s is a fun brand that wanted to bring its Live Life with Flavor campaign to its Facebook audience to create wider-spread brand awareness and follower engagement. So we created the Herr’s Find Your Flavor quiz. Users were asked fun, witty questions and then were matched with the Herr’s flavor that most closely matched their personality. Some great illustrations and smart copy transformed Herr’s snacks into living, breathing characters that everyone could relate to. It not only gave folks an enjoyable way to interact with their favorite snack brand, but also created a focused, cost-effective advertising campaign designed to drive brand awareness well beyond Herr’s existing followers.


As an advertising agency, we’ve had a front row seat for the past 15 years of challenges and pain points the print industry faces every day. We decided to take what we had seen and use it to create a solution to tackle some of these problems head on. We created PrintBull, a cloud-based job management solution specifically designed with the print customer in mind. This self-service portal allows printers to offer customers 24/7 access to the information they crave most. Fully modular, fully flexible, fully customizable, this simple tool has proven to increase print productivity and customer satisfaction and offer print businesses a true competitive advantage.


Micro-Coax has been manufacturing custom cable assemblies for the military, space, aviation, and test and measurement industries for over 50 years. To create an easy way for clients to configure and purchase their cable assemblies, we created an industry-leading custom cable configurator as part of the Micro-Coax Webstore. This configurator allows users to create their own custom assemblies by pulling from connectors and cables available online or through special order or as customer-specific options. Customers can save cable configurations that they frequently order, forward configurations to their purchasing managers for budget approval, or purchase the configurations by credit card with a preauthorized purchase order number.

Cap index

CAPWare is a suite of software applications available from CAPIndex. These software applications aggregate and display data that allows retail store security managers to see the crime statistics for their multiple store locations. We designed the user interface for this custom application to be easy for users to learn and navigate when pulling data from its multiple layers. We also designed the application to be modular so that each user could configure their dashboard based on the specific elements of the software that were relevant to them.

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