Zone 5

Zone 5 is a lifestyle brand for endurance athletes who push themselves to the very edge of human performance. The name refers to the highest level of heart-rate training at which these athletes peak, transcending physical pain to discover just how triumphantly they can redefine their limits.

Leave Nothing

For Zone 5 we tasked ourselves with creating a brand ethos that matched the determination and commitment that its elite athletes display at every competition. Zone 5’s members never hold back — they push themselves further and harder than most people can fathom. “Leave Nothing” is a rallying cry for hardcore enthusiasts who use every ounce of their strength and will to break through the finish line.

“Zone 5 is more than just a brand, it’s an attitude, a commitment to settle for nothing less than your very best. I couldn’t be more proud or humbled to be a part of such a driven group of people.” Andy KayEndurance Athlete, Zone 5