Valley Forge Casino Resort

The premier resort-style casino in eastern Pennsylvania, Valley Forge Casino Resort welcomes affluent Philadelphia suburbanites to a complete leisure experience under one roof.

Valley Forge Casino: Dice image

In positioning the resort's chic classiness, we managed to distill dozens of table games, six restaurants, a concert series, three bars, 600 slot machines, live comedy, a poolside lounge, two hotel towers, and a hot bi-weekly dance party into a simple, three-word mantra: “Entertain Your Everything”.

Upping the ante

To reach an upscale audience from the sophisticated, suburban Philadelphia Main Line area, we crafted an integrated campaign that was steeped in elegance, fun, and glamour. We created a unique visual experience that captured the excitement that differentiates Valley Forge Casino from the broader Philadelphia–Atlantic City casino market.

Valley Forge Casino: Billboard Design - Entertain Your Everything
“Casino advertising can sometimes all start to look the same. Hanlon delivered smart new positioning and a fresh, energetic look and feel that energized our brand and differentiated us from the competition.” Jennifer Galle - Senior Marketing Executive