SC Johnson

SC Johnson is one of the world’s leading makers of household brands. The 130-year-old family company employs approximately 13,000 people across 70 countries and generates $10 billion in sales. Its product portfolio includes global brands such as Kiwi®, Pledge®, Duck®, Windex®, Scrubbing Bubbles®, Glade®, Raid®, and Ziploc®.

Envisioning The Brand Promise

Our work for KIWI drove home the uncanny effectiveness of its wide range of footwear products with whimsical visual storytelling. The brand’s innovation in leather protectants, shine tools, and insole comfort cushions received a dynamic visual treatment to bring their astounding performance to life. The campaign was recognized by Lurzer’s International Archive and Communication Arts Advertising Annual, and was honored with a total of six Addy Awards.

SC Johnson: Kiwi Print Ad Boot Protector
SC Johnson: Kiwi Print Ad Express Shine
SC Johnson: Kiwi Print Ad Rain Protector
SC Johnson: Kiwi Print Ad Ball Effect
SC Johnson: Website Design
SC Johnson: Website Design Page Two
SC Johnson: Website Design Page Three
“Hanlon Creative is an unparalleled team of highly creative and committed professionals. Their strategic and results-driven approach helped to transition our Kiwi Shoe Care brand from your grandfather’s shoe polish into the 21st-century marketplace.” Anna Silvestri Senior Marketing Manager North America, kiwi