As an advertising agency, we’ve had a front row seat to the past 15 years’ worth of challenges confronting the print industry. So we decided to take what we’d learned and tackle some of these problems head on. That’s how we created PrintBull, a cloud-based job-management solution specifically designed with the print and signage customer in mind.

PrintBull Printing Services

The evolution of print management

Rumors of print's death have been greatly exaggerated. To the contrary, printing is still vital to virtually every business operating today. We helped create PrintBull to drive innovation in the field and add the adaptability and dynamism of digital tools to the production of printed materials. And we constructed a memorable and unique brand that encapsulated the marriage of old and new technologies, as well as the strength resulting from their merger.

Integrating Online Print Management

This self-service web portal allows printers and signage producers to offer customers 24/7 access to the information they crave most. Fully modular, fully flexible, fully customizable, this simple tool has proven to increase print productivity and customer satisfaction and offer print businesses a true competitive advantage.

“The print management system Hanlon pitched and eventually developed for us is the kind of big-picture business solution you’d expect from a much larger agency.” Nancy FeeneyVice President of Corporate Operations, LCC