Office For Child And Youth Protection

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office for Child and Youth Protection (OCYP) is responsible for providing services and resources to the survivors of child abuse and their families. It offers counseling to survivors as well as training programs for Archdiocese clergy, staff, volunteers, parents, and members of the community who want to take an active role in protecting children.

Digital Sensitivity

Designing OCYP’s website came with a serious mandate: to present a wealth of vital information in a welcoming on-screen environment to users who might be dealing with trauma related to the site's topic.

Compassionate Communications

A nuanced print campaign, matching the visually low-key design of OCYP’s website, served to introduce the office’s Victim Assistance and Safe Environment programs to the people who need them. Great care was taken to imbue the materials with the spirit of OCYP’s overall mission: “Promise to protect. Pledge to heal.”

Office of Child Youth Protection: Brochure Design

Delivering a flexible and secure curriculum

In order to help OCYP effectively administer its range of educational trainings on child protection, we built an online learning management system (LMS). This user-controlled platform hosts e-learning resources, including audiovisual presentations and interactive testing, as well as a scheduling system enabling enrolled participants to register for live trainings.

“Hanlon Creative understood the importance in developing a truly secure platform, which enables us to present sensitive content. They delivered an innovative new learning management system and helped launch our interactive online education program.” Leslie DavilaDirector, Office of Child and Youth Protection