Known since 1906 for its signature polish in a tin, KIWI is the world’s leading shoe polish brand, boasting 53 percent of the global market. Today, the company’s full array of innovative offerings include protective sprays, shine sponges, gel cushions, and more.

Kiwi: Boot Protection Graphic

Measurable Results

Kiwi was facing declining sales because the tin of polish, which had been the brand's standard bearer for decades, was a low-frequency purchase. As shining one's shoes became more of a novelty, newer, more innovative products such as Boot Protector, Express Shine, Gel Insoles, and Suede Protector represented higher-frequency use and greater growth opportunities. Hanlon Creative was engaged to shift the pendulum by creating awareness and consideration for these new product lines. The award-winning miniatures campaign ultimately grew category revenue by 21 percent the year it launched.

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Kiwi: Award Winning Advertisement: Army Figures
Kiwi: Award Winning Advertisement: Pit Crew
Kiwi: Award Winning Advertisement: Ughs rain protection
Kiwi: Award Winning Advertisement: Ball Effect
Kiwi Website
Kiwi Website
“Hanlon Creative is an unparalleled team of highly creative and committed professionals. Their strategic and results-driven approach helped to transition our Kiwi Shoe Care brand from your grandfather’s shoe polish into the 21st-century marketplace.” Anna SilvestriSenior Marketing Manager North America, Sara Lee