Iron Andy

Since 2008, the Iron Andy Foundation has helped children, young adults, and families dealing with diabetes take a proactive approach to managing this chronic disease through a combination of physical activity, fundraising, education, public awareness, and service.

Iron Andy: Living Without Limits

When Andy Holder discovered at the age of 36 that he had type 1 diabetes, he set out to transform himself. Soon, the man who couldn't even swim was reborn as a competitive Ironman triathlete. Andy's determination to live a strong physical life was inspirational, and when he resolved to launch a charitable foundation, we were thrilled to help him define a profoundly meaningful brand. “Living without limits” is more than just a positioning line — it's a way of life, for Andy and millions of people who live with diabetes every day.

Even superman needs marketing

Iron Andy lives to be a role model. Our job was to ensure that every piece of marketing communication reflected his inspirational story and drove donations.

“Hanlon's work far surpassed my wildest expectations. Like any new charitable organization, we were scrambling around to make stuff happen when they dove in and made sure we looked like a million bucks at launch.” Andy Holder Founder, National Spokesperson, IAF