Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

CHOP has been one of the world's most prestigious pediatric care institutions for 160 years. It brings families from across the globe to receive the most advanced care possible in every pediatric specialty.

CHOP: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Building Hope Logo

CHOP announced in 2013 it would expand its campus with a new facility: the nation's most state-of-the-art center for outpatient pediatric care. We partnered with the hospital to launch Building Hope, a fundraising campaign designed to generate the revenue to complete CHOP's vision.

Fundraising Success

We had the privilege of helping CHOP showcase the leading-edge features of one of its newest outpatient spaces. An integrated campaign built around a custom-designed digital platform, donor brochures, and a combination of traditional and online advertising helped raise $97.1 million over two years. Our partnership culminated with the opening of an important new medical facility that changes the lives of children every day.