Arai has spent six decades perfecting the design and manufacturing of motorcycle helmets. Every Arai helmet is 100 percent handmade, designed not only to meet safety standards but to exceed them. Today they’re among the industry’s top elite, ranking No. 1 in J.D. Power’s last 13 consecutive motorcycle helmet satisfaction studies.

Battle Tested

Arai puts all its new products through an exceptionally brutal battery of impact testing before approving them for launch. We wanted to highlight these uniquely rigorous standards while introducing the R75 shape, a significant breakthrough in helmet safety technology.

Aria Helmets Print Ad - Extreme Conditions
Aria Helmets Print Ad - Extreme Conditions Alternate
“Shooting for Hanlon Creative is always a great experience. Arai offered us an opportunity to produce some incredibly powerful imagery and to push the creative edge.” John Bernardo Photographer, John Bernardo Photography