ARACON is an electrical-conductive fiber made with Kevlar, the material used in bulletproof vests. It’s stronger than steel and more flexible than copper, and it’s used to make the lightweight, high-performance cables found in satellites, aircraft, and wearable technology products.

ARACON came to us for a complete rebrand, looking to expand the product’s customer base into a number of new industrial markets. We stepped away from all the technical jargon and focused on the innovative material’s underlying appeal: astonishing strength combined with incredible elasticity.


ARACON was already an industry leader in aeronautics and telecom, but had the potential to make a similar impact in the growing field of wearable technologies. We helped them reach that broader market with revitalized marketing tools and a sleek website that featured two powerful customer-centric tools: a Weight Savings Calculator and a Product Finder.

“Hanlon puts the whole package together. The combination of their thinking, the end product, and the delivery makes them a pleasure to work with.” Lonny StrumManaging Director, Strum Consulting Group, Inc.