Discover How to Move your Customers Through the Funnel

  1. Brand Awareness is the first step in Customer Acquisition. This is the biggest part of your marketing mix. Maintain a healthy flow of prospects into the top of your funnel by spreading promotional efforts across a variety of media channels.

    At this stage, you want to be noticed in the crowded market place. You need to consider ways to appeal to the customer's eyes to get their attention and create attraction.

  2. Brand Consideration is step two in Customer Acquisition. Smart positioning, a polished brand image, and relevant messaging have kept you top of mind. Now, customers want to dig deeper to decide if your brand meets their needs.

    You want to nurture them now. Appeal to their mind. Think of ways to reinforce attributes and benefits.

  3. Brand Preference is the final step to Customer Acquisition. The prospective customer knows about you. They believe you could be the right fit. Now they need to feel certain.

    There are key ways to differentiate your brand and ensure success at this stage. Your office or retail space should inspire confidence and drive action. Final documents, product packaging or other displays should prevent hesitation.

  4. Brand Loyalty is the first step of Customer Retention. You have acquired a new customer and you want to keep them.

    This is where the emotional connection becomes stronger and you play off the brand promise and value proposition.

  5. Brand Advocacy is the final stage of Customer Retention. Once a customer becomes a brand ambassador, they are emotionally connected to your brand and committed to a long-term partnership. And, they are likely going to tell other people about you.

    Give them what they need to help spread the word about what you do.

This Full Funnel Tool Will Guide You To:

  • Define the stages of your customer buying process.
  • Map the touch points on their customer journey.
  • Create an outline of creative executions.
  • Set the criteria for measuring success.