Brand Value is the sum of these relationship types:

  • Customers - Greater influence gains greater profits through margins, volume, and referrals.
  • Employees - Greater attraction gains greater talent through efficiency, productivity, and service delivery.
  • Vendor - Greater leverage gains greater offering through pricing, variety, and payment terms.


Consistency and clarity are the hallmarks of every strong brand. To have consistency and clarity, you must start with a well-organized, and clearly defined, brand platform and style guide. This foundational base of your brand is the guiding document for all branding, marketing, and advertising decisions.

Your brand platform will help you build strong, lasting customer relationships by aligning management and employees on the key strategies that will consistently deliver differentiated value to your customers.

The Blueprint for Successful BrandingTM is a guide to completing your brand platform and style guide.

The step-by-step guide will walk you through all of the critical components of building a successful brand. Once completed, you'll have all of the core messaging and key visual elements in place to drive long lasting monetary brand value.

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