Disruption is the New Normal

The traditional methods of communicating with your audience are losing relevance. Brand stories that resonate are being told on an array of new channels. Social media, online video, and live streaming, as well as virtual and augmented reality technologies are reshaping the way information is transmitted, consumed, and shared.

In this new media ecosystem where consumer behavior is in flux and trends move at lightspeed, unconventional thinking is the differentiator every brand needs to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. Times have changed and the agile and adaptive are changing with them.

Case Study

Augmented Retail

It’s one thing to see the changing patterns of our times. It’s quite another to take the next step and turn high concepts into practical realities. To showcase augmented reality’s potential to amplify brand building and revenue generation we are building custom applications that turn products into living, moving, and talking experiences.

In doing so, we are going beyond the traditional boundaries of an agency partner to open up entirely new channels of communication between brands and their customers and giving them unprecedented control of that medium — and we’re doing it right at the point of purchase when that interaction has the best chance of influencing consumer behavior.


Click on the link below to download the Augmented Retail app. After pressing start, center any of the product photos below in your camera view to bring the augmented reality to life.

Product Experiences


When viewed through our custom augmented reality (AR) app, a standard box of XYZAL allergy medication bursts into motion with 3D animations and a specially tailored video of “Nigel” the wise owl, explaining the product’s allergy-fighting benefits.

Johnson & Johnson OneTouch Verio Flex Meter

When it’s just a box on a shelf, it can be hard to see why Johnson & Johnson’s OneTouch Verio Flex Meter is more advanced than other glucose monitors. Augmented reality (AR) brings its unique features to life, informing shoppers of its ColorSure™ technology, which makes it easy to see when blood sugar is elevated and seamless data syncing with the free OneTouch Reveal® mobile app.

BD Veritor System

Point-of-Care testing is a new bright spot in the retail pharmacy industry. Now customers can get tested for conditions like strep and flu without a doctor’s visit, thanks to the BD Veritor digital immunoassay system. Our custom augmented reality (AR) app turns basic counter cards into and audiovisual experience that makes this complicated technology easily understandable to shoppers.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Children’s Vitamins

Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s Healthy Kids Free Vitamin Program is a wonderful promotion that offers kids, age 2 to 12, a free 30-day supply of Good Neighbor Pharmacy Children’s Chewables Complete Multi-Vitamins each month. When viewed through our augmented reality (AR) app, a colorful, spinning carousel springs out of the bottle, ensuring everyone will take notice of this bighearted program.

Case Study

The Future of Pharmacy

Like augmented reality, virtual reality is another disruptive innovation that has become accessible to a wide audience in just the last few years. We pushed the limits of current technology to craft an immersive and breathtaking experience for the attendees of ThoughtSpot 2016.

“The Future of Pharmacy” was a five-minute journey from the birth of the American pharmacy industry in 1823 into a far-flung, digitally rendered depiction of the pharmacy of tomorrow. Conference attendees were left speechless by the seemingly impossible 360-degree world that materialized before their eyes.